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About Safari Bikes UK

Builders of a full range of bicycles and bicycle components, where quality is a culture, customer delight a tradition.

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At Safari, we have one aim: to make the highest quality cycling experience available to everyone.

Whether you ride for the freedom of a quiet road and the sound of your tyres and against the tarmac, for the thump of your heart as you race across dirt and rock, or because it's the cleanest and most efficient way to travel for your business, building bikes that fit your life is at the heart of what we do.

Based in Wolverhampton -- the heart of Britain's manufacturing heritage -- we work with our manufacturing partners to design and craft a full range of bicycles that make the highest quality affordable to everyone.

Supported by strong R&D and facilitated by the most modern machines, our manufacturing plant produces quality bikes complying with the highest International standards.

We produce over 1.2 million bikes per year and supply to almost half the world - 40 countries.

Our bikes have won international awards for quality in countries like France, Switzerland and India.

Choose from our range of more than eighty models, including: mountain bikes and all-terrain bikes, BMX, racers and road bikes, traditional and city bikes, semi-sports bikes, children's bikes and commercial bicycles including delivery bikes and rickshaws.

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